About The DanO Fund

The DanO Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission of increasing access to mental health resources and programming, and raising awareness of mental health issues. We work to end the stigma of mental illness, which often prevents those who are impacted from getting the help they need, and can even lead to suicide.

Here are three ways we carry out our mission:

1. Fundraising

The DanO Fund raises money through fundraiser events, corporate donations and gifts from individuals. We give these funds to mental health nonprofits that offer services and resources for people who have been impacted by mental illness and suicide.

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2. Partnerships with nonprofits

We lend our fundraising expertise to mental health organizations that want to create a fundraiser, but could use some help and guidance. This help is always free, but you must submit an application.

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3. Community building

Mental illness and suicide don’t just hurt the individuals involved. Family and friends feel the impact, too. If a loved one suffers from mental illness, or has taken their own life, you may have feelings of isolation, shame and helplessness. But you don’t have to shoulder the burden alone. 

The DanO Fund has created a strong, supportive community of people who have felt the pain of mental health issues, either personally or through someone they care about. Join us by attending a fundraiser event, like The DanO Golf Tournament. Connect with people and families who know what you’re going through, and who can provide the community you need.

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Corporate Donors
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Board of Directors
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Our History

The DanO Fund was established in 2009 by Mark Olsen and Royce McEwen to honor a family member they lost to suicide.

Fast Facts

  • Since 2009, The DanO Fund has raised funds to support nonprofits that offer mental health education and programming
  • We’re based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and provide our support to organizations in the local metro area
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Are you or a loved one struggling with mental illness?

You’re not alone, and help is available. The DanO Fund itself doesn’t provide mental health services, but we’re glad to recommend some trusted organizations that do.